let your audience control the content

Interactive video promos, movie trailers, and sales videos that allow your users to control the content journey.

the power of interactive

Your Gravidy video promos are interactive and your audience controls the content journey with their choices. This allows you to track their choices and gain valuable data and insight into your audiences. 

adjust creative in

Dynamic videos give you the ability to adjust the creative in real-time, improving the response, interest, and engagement you get from your audiences while the campaign is live. Feel free to edit the content or add new creative to the interactive videos at any time.

ad partners built-in

We give you the power to bring your ad partners and endorsements into your interactive videos. You can also include interactive ads and call-to-action buttons.

more dynamic than

apps & websites

Your Gravidy videos are much easier to create than websites and apps, and in fact could supplement them which makes them more cost effective. They also provide a much smoother and more intuitive web experience for your audiences and are much easier to maintain.


All your video experiences can be used for remarketing.


download the data

You and your advertisers can download data files for opted-in users.

email campaigns

Send branded email campaigns to your audiences.