interactive artist & athlete videos

Interactive videos that give artists and athletes the ability to engage audiences, own their data, and earn 100% of ad revenue.

a powerful solution

Artists and athletes face a lot of challenges when it comes to their brands, content, and revenue they earn. Their brand can get saturated on social media, content engagement can be hit or miss and they are constantly paying out large sums to ad platforms.

enter Gravidy

 Interactive videos, where audiences control the video experience with their choices while artists and athletes collect valuable data.

100% ownership

You control your content, you own your data, and you can incorporate your endorsements, brand partners, and sponsors, keeping 100% of the revenue you earn.


Your interactive videos become your asset to include ad partners and endorsements. We build innovative interactive ads that engage and excite users.


Your Gravidy interactive videos are easier to create than apps or websites. Content, creative, and ads can be adjusted in real-time without the audience experience skipping a beat.

own your data

The data you collect can also influence other aspects of your promotions, including traditional videos, press, retail design, popups, posters, promotional materials and more. Key data allows us all to drive more success for your marketing and sales.

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