Interactive Automotive

Learn more about your customers than ever before while they personalize their video experience with their choices.

Learn From Their Choices

As your customers choose options within your interactive videos they provide you with unique personalized data into who they are as consumers and what interests them most about your automobiles. Their choices reveal a deeper profile into who they are as individuals which can be used to improve marketing and sales.

Multiple Devices, One Data Capture

 Gravidy gives you the ability to have one video streamlined across multiple devices. This would allow to to display it on large screens at dealerships, on mobile devices social media and on desktops across the web, all acting as one giant data capture.

Raise Engagement & Viewership

 Traditional videos are one-dimensional, meaning, audiences just watch them on move on. With Gravidy, your audiences control the video journey which raises engagment rates and can increase viewership.

What metrics do we track?

Content choices
Unique users
Scene flow
Drop-off points
Percentage explored

Understand Your Customers

You will have a dashboard equipped with all the metrics and data from your interactive videos. Additionally, our data science team can help you analyze the data from your customer’s choices and put it into actionable steps and strategies.

Audience & customer choices reveal deeper data on who they are.

Adjust Videos in Real-time

Because your Gravidy videos are dynamic, you can add or remove content on the go without ever having to take the video down. By doing this, you can save money on production costs when new content is created and keep your video running as it continues to act as one massive data capture.