Interactive Events

Let your audience explore your event with their own choices based on what they are most interested in while your learn more about them on a deeper level.

More Personal Than Ever Before

Did you know 80% of consumers prefer to do business with brands that use personalization? Each and every audience member is a different person with different interests and preferences. Increase ticket sales and attendance by allowing fans to personalize the promotional experience and feel that this is the event for them.

Raise Engagement & Viewership

 Traditional videos are one-dimensional, meaning, audiences just watch them on move on. With Gravidy, your audiences control the video journey which raises engagment rates and can increase viewership.

What metrics do we track?

Content choices
Unique users
Scene flow
Drop-off points
Percentage explored

Choices Matter

The ultimate way to be fan-driven is through the power of their choices. When fans can control the video with their choices, they are more invested in your event and feel more personally connected to it. Choices within videos increases engagement and brand recall. Which means audiences are more inclined to remember it and discuss it socially online and in the real world.

Human Verification

Because Gravidy videos are interactive, humans need to drive the video journey. This verifies that a real person is seeing your content and partner ads. In a world of fake likes, bots, and bogus followers, this is incredibly valuable when analyzing content and pitching advertisers.

More Value for Your Partners

You’re going to be able to provide a game-changing experience for your ad partners. Increase the engagement and brand recall of their ads. Provide them with unique interactive data specific to their brand that can be customized to fit their needs. Go beyond impressions and views by increasing ad performance with human verification.

Learn From Your Audiences

Collect deeper data from your audiences than ever before. What we can learn from your audiences choices is a powerful tool to increase tickets sales, event attendance, and ad performance for your partner brands. We can also use this data to improve other aspects of your promotions and marketing campaigns.