Interactive Trailers

Let your audience explore your trailer with their own choices based on what they are most interested in while your learn more about them on a deeper level.

More Personal Than Ever Before

Each and every fan is a different person with different interests. Some fans want to learn more about characters, some want to go behind-the-scenes, and others want to know more about the actors. With your Gravidy interactive trailers, now they can explore your content in a more personal way than ever before.

Raise Engagement & Viewership

 Traditional videos are one-dimensional, meaning, audiences just watch them on move on. With Gravidy, your audiences control the video journey which raises engagment rates and can increase viewership.

What metrics do we track?

Content choices
Unique users
Scene flow
Drop-off points
Percentage explored

Make Better Decisions

Imagine what you could learn from the audiences choices. Trends start to emerge that can not only inform your Gravidy videos, but also your entire marketing campaign. What character should you put on a poster? Who should be a late-night TV guest? Which fan podcasts are the most popular? Your interactive videos reveal a ton of information on deeper audience interests.

Monetize Your Trailers

With traditional trailers, it’s hard to run ads in the creative and you can’t stop the trailer to show an ad midway through. However, with Gravidy, because it’s interactive, we give you the ability to include multiple advertisers in one interactive experience

Adjust Videos in Real-time

Because your Gravidy trailers are dynamic, you can add or remove content on the go without ever having to take the video down. By doing this, you can save money on production costs when new content is created and keep your video running as it continues to act as one massive data capture.