interactive promos & trailers

We build interactive videos powered by your brand. These videos become your asset to use to promote, engage, and earn revenue.

a revolution in promotion

Allow your users to control the video content with their choices while collecting valuable data & metrics. 


Your dynamic videos give you the ability to adjust the creative in real-time, improving the response, interest, and engagement you get from your audiences while the campaign is live.


Your interactive videos become your asset to include ad partners and endorsements. We build innovative interactive ads that engage and excite users.


Your Gravidy interactive promos & trailers are easier to create than apps or websites. Content, creative, and ads can be adjusted in real-time without the audience experience skipping a beat.

detailed data

The data you collect can also influence other aspects of your promotions, including traditional videos, press, retail design, popups, posters, promotional materials and more. Key data allows us all to drive more success for your marketing and sales.

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