An interactive video engine built for next-level promotions

and innovative experiences.

An Interactive Evolution

Gravidy is an evolution in how video content is created. Now your audiences can feel more connected to video content because their personal choices control them.

Interactive Content

Finally, personalized interactive journeys.

Audience-Driven Ads

Immersive engagement equals rich, high-value data.


Your digital content, streamlined and centralized.

WebVR & Apps

Think virtual reality without the headset.

Interactive Retail

Create stunning virtual stores that immerse customers across the web and on-location.

Multiple Devices, One Data Capture

With Gravidy you can display the same video across multiple devices and places, including retail stores, social media, the web, and events. The video can be used on mobile devices, desktop, and large display, all acting as one massive data capture.

Discover Who They Are

Gravidy interactive videos provide you with rich data that reveals who your audiences are on a deeper level based on their choices.