Choose what you love.

Interactive videos built for everything from entertainment and media to products and lifestyle brands.

Audience & customer choices reveal deeper data on who they are.

Let Your Audience Control the Video

By allowing the audience to control the videos with their choices, you give them a deeper and more personal experience while learning from their decisions.

Users can discover & explore what they love interactively.

Adjust Creative in

Dynamic videos give you the ability to adjust the creative in real-time, improving the response, interest, and engagement you get from your audiences while the campaign is live. Feel free to edit the content or add new creative to the interactive videos at any time.

Ad Partners Built-in

We give you the power to bring your ad partners and endorsements into your interactive videos. You can also include interactive ads and call-to-action buttons.

Multiple Devices, One Data Capture

With Gravidy you can display the same video across multiple devices and places, including retail stores, social media, the web, and events. The video can be used on mobile devices, desktop, and large display, all acting as one massive data capture.

Discover Who They Are

Gravidy interactive videos provide you with rich data that reveals who your audiences are on a deeper level based on their choices.