Use our interactive video engine to launch audience-driven content and advertising across the web, connected tv, and mobile.  

The Power of Personalization

Gravidy is an evolution in how video content is created. Now your audiences can feel more connected to video content because their personal choices control them.



Merge content and ecommerce across connected tv, desktop, and mobile for a superior at-home shopping experience.

Create Sales and Notifications from Videos


We provide the ability to process transactions while immersed in videos and ads and engage audiences with notifications from advertisers via email and SMS.

Audience-Driven Ads

Immersive engagement equals rich, high-value data.

Audience-Driven OTT

The first of its kind, we offer an innovative and interactive experience across the web, connected tv, and mobile.


Think virtual reality without the headset.

Interactive Content

Finally, personalized interactive journeys.

Audience Data & A.I.

We provide access to key metrics and data science services that reveal deeper insights into your audiences, content, and advertising.

Audience data and choices also help inform A.I. systems and machine learning.

Discover Who They Are

Gravidy interactive videos provide you with rich data that reveals who your audiences are on a deeper level based on their choices.